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ST. JOHN’S SCHOOL Leavers 2013

My son Christopher and all his friends in Year 6 were leaving St. John’s School Lacey Green and we couldn’t just let the occasion pass with just any disco, now could we…!
Yes it is a bit over the top for a leavers party, but there again his Dad does own a disco shop…. ;-)


This was my first School ball for St.John’s School in Lacey Green and they absolutely loved it!
Over 150 people enjoyed my music, amazing stage and venue light show and DJ/Compare services and they partied through until 2am.


Following on from 2010 I was asked to return and so had to make it just as good if not better and slightly different!
We booked a starcloth ceiling and then a more elaborate stage setting, it was another sell out and I think you’ll agree that it was simply stunning!

O2 conference 2011

I was contracted to supply sound, video projection  and even venue lighting for the launch of a new reseller programme.

Telephone: 01844 343113
Moblie:      07751 541222
E-Mail:      Clive@CRS1.com

Brilliant role….

Dear Clive, Thank you so much for the part that you played at our wedding on the 31st August. Many
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A huge thank you….

To Clive, A huge thank you for providing the best disco ever!! You are the talk of all our guests.
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Brilliant job….

Dear Clive, Just a quick note to thank you for doing such a brilliant job with the music for Zoe
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